Allsync Features

File sharing, Content collaboration, Backup solution

Easy automated synchronization between any device.

Automatic upload of your camera roll
File and folder sharing
Online spreadsheet editor
Built-in video and audio player
Collaborative tags, Comments, Search, Offline, Favorite, Restore
Bulk download, Download entire folders
Apps, IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and WebDAV
Files automated tagging

What can you do with Allsync?

We make secure cloud storage simple and convenient.

  • Backup solution, sync your data from any device
  • File and folder sharing, manage and share data, simply and securely
  • Collaboration, asily collaborate, Edit, and share content
  • Apps and integrations, Agenda, Chat, Email, Task, Notes

File sharing & Collaboration

Secure file sharing with anyone inside and outside your organization.

  • Share files and folders, no file size limit
  • Revoke link, revoke shared links immediately in case of wrong recipient
  • Permission, allow editing, upload, download, unshare
  • Commment, tag files and folders
  • Share your data by email, external and local users

Seamless software for all your devices

Keep all of your devices in sync without limits.

  • IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and WebDAV
  • Scan documents, convert documents to pdf, create voice memos
  • Automatic upload of your camera roll
  • Virtual files, save storage space on your computer
  • Unlimited bandwidth and device usage

Extend functionality using apps

You can extend the functionality with extra features from the app store.

  • Groupware apps like calendar, contacts, mail, notes, tasks
  • Collaboration and productivity apps Keepass management, video Calls
  • Music, Video player, Password managers, Checksums
  • Markdown editor, Spreadsheet editor, PDF viewer
  • Integration of anti-virus scanning functionality with the anti-virus app

External storage, securely encrypted

The external storage feature gives you access to your data wherever it is. You can access files stored with a wide variety of popular cloud service providers such as Amazon, Google and Dropbox, but you can also access them using standard protocols such as NFS, (S)FTP, WebDAV and more.

The Encryption App can encrypt data at rest for both local and remote storage, protecting data stored on networks outside of your server.

Automate tasks

Flow makes it easy to automate repetitive, boring tasks. For example, let's say you are a sales person and send quotes as PDF. You set up a flow that turns documents into a PDF when you add a tag, say 'to-pdf'. Or, say you want to put a message in your teams' chat room when a partner uploads files in a specific folder.

Easy user management

Admins can create, modify, search and view user accounts using the built-in user management. Name, disk quota, mail addresses and group membership can be handled and users can be given administrator privileges if needed.

The guest accounts app enables users to create guest accounts for recipients. The administrator can determine what access rights these users need to have to external storage and apps.

By properly applying end-to-end encryption, Allsync achieves actual privacy by design.

Zero-knowledge authentication
Data storage in The Netherland, Europe
Netherlands privacy laws
All our applications are open source
Ad-free and minimal cookies
Cryptocurrency as payment method
Allsync will never sell or share your data
External storage data encryption

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption offers the ultimate protection for your data
Two-factor authentication
TLS/SSL channel protection
Remote wipe
Password policy enforcement
File and folder passwoord protection

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