Web Features


Files upload

You can upload files through web page or create spreadsheets and maps.

The upload support Drag & Drop - you can drag a files or a map from your computer to start a upload.

Share Files & Maps

There are many ways to share files or maps. links, emails, Social network websites, Username or cloud ID.

Before sharing files or map you can setup password, expiring time or allow upload and edit.


Download Mass Files

You can choose files you want,they could be downloaded as a single zip file.

Move, copy or cut files to other map is also possible.


With Allsync, not only can upload files but also can use apps to extend cloud.

There are many apps you can use - Agenda, Notes, Tasks list, Online Office, MP3 Player ...


Music Player

Save your music to cloud and access it anywhere. Keep your music on Cloud safely.

You can sort music by album, artist, name, category, year and playlist

Video Player

Keep your memories on our cloud, you can view videos any time on any device.

Share videos with your families and friends.Only you can share or view, nobody else can access them.


Tasks List

You can add and delete tasks. edit tasks' title, description, start and end dates,reminder time. mark as important and add comments.

Tasks can be shared with others. Tasks can be synchronized using CalDav.


Keep everything coordinated using our free calendar app.

Can't forget appointments any more, keep your days organised.



With the app circles you can create groups to share files with. It's possible to create groups with different privileges like personal, public, secret or closed groups.

Great function to work together on projects for work or school.

Photos Gallery

Keep your photos safely on Cloud, you can manage photos by album. Browser photos online.

Share photos online with families and friends any time. Access your photos on any device.


Online Office

Create spreadsheets online and edit with others at the same time from your computer,phone or tablet. We support DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX and more...

Add Unlimited Users

Share your cloud storage with families and friends. Create unlimited user accounts for free.

You can set the maximum storage for users. Share files using group folder or username.


2 Step Verification

When you enable 2-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication), you add an extra layer of security to your account.

You sign in with something you know (your password) and something you have (Two-Factor Authentication App).

End-to-end Encryption

Files are each encrypted with their own, unique key, which is stored in the metadata file. All data in the metadata file is, in turn, securely encrypted and files names and directory structures are also hidden from the server using a unique UUID as name for each file.

When enable encryption you will get an unique password(12 characters).You need the password to open encrypted files on other devices

Encryption works at folder level.To enable encryption you need to flag an empty folder.(It's impossible to access encrypted files through web interface.)


Mobile Features


Files Manager

Our mobile app is easy using, can manage and organize your photos, videos and files.It makes watching videos, photos and playing music possible.

Using the app you can share any file or map like on web.You can add files to your favorites and set offline to access without internet connections.

Automatic camera uploads

Camera uploads can automatically add photos and videos from your camera, phone, or tablet to Allsync. Your photos and videos are then available and viewable from anywhere in your Allsync account.

Backup all your photos and videos using Allsync app today.



With the mobile app you can share any photo, video and file.



Watch any video, photos, file and stream any muziek file.


Offline en Favorite

Safe any file as favorite and open the files offline.

Desktop Client Features


Desktop Client

Access all your files on your laptop / desktop using Allsync client software.

Backup all your important files,full computer/hard drive? Choose the maps you want to backup or download.

You can add more than one account to our sync client.

And much more... Features


Tag & Search

Search functions, favorites, tags and even more ways to reach the files you need quickly. Full Text searching is available.



Authenticatting through LDAP / Active Directory, Kerberos and Shibboleth / SAML 2.0 and more



There is not file size limits. You can upload unlimited files.


Restore files

Restore recycle bin files, files in trash could be cleaned if you need storage.


File Versioning

Download different version.



Leave feedback or comment at any file or folder...



Work on same document with others, share folders, create groups.


Own Domain names

Free subdomain yourname.Allsync.com or register your own domain names.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Download and upload unlimited files, there are no limits.